Free Port Vladivostok

Tax concessions for residents of the Free Port

  • 7.6% – total amount of insurance payments over 10 years, provided that resident status is obtained within 3 years upon adoption of the law
  • 5% – income tax (0% to the Federal Budget and not more than 5% to the regional budget)
  • 0% – land tax for 5 years
  • 0% – property tax for 5 years and 0.5% for the subsequent 5 years
  • 10 days — fast-track VAT-refunding procedure.

Additional Preferences

  • Shorter duration of inspections; (15 days at the most),
  • Single window regime at border control, round-the-clock operation of checkpoints,
  • Simplified visa regime — issuance of 8-day visa on the border,
  • Упрощенный визовый режим - получение 8-дневной визы на границе.
  • Duty-free and tax-free regime for residents:
    • import, storage, consumption (use) of foreign goods,
    • export of goods (equipment),
    • import of goods (equipment),
  • State protection — managing company is entitled to file lawsuits to protect Free port residents.

To file the application to become the resident of Free Port Vladivostok and get additional details, please the official site of the Far East Development Corporation: