The territory of the Advanced Social Economic Zone

Tax concessions for residents

  • 7,6% for 10 years (Pension Fund — 6%, Federal Social Insurance Fund — 1.5%, Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund — 0.1%);
  • 0% — 5% — income tax for the first 5 years after first profit, consequent 5 years — from 10%
  • 0% - land tax for 3 years
  • Exemption from or reduction of the property and land tax rates (as per the regional legislation)
  • Preferential rental rates for residents – 0.4% of the base rate
  • Reduction factor for mineral extraction tax (0 — 0.8) for 10 years, subsequently — 1
  • Fast-track VAT refunding procedure

Additional Preferences

  • Shorter duration of inspections,
  • Unscheduled inspections only upon approval of the Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East,
  • Duration of scheduled inspections — not exceeding 15 business days,
  • Financing of construction of TPD infrastructure facilities at the expense of the budget,
  • Duty-free zone regime for residents,
  • Duty-free and tax-free import, storage, consumption (use) of foreign goods inside TPD, reexport of goods (equipment),
  • No permits to use foreign labor are required; the permit is issued regardless of quota,
  • Expedited issuance of permits and approvals,
  • Environmental approval of infrastructure facilities — 45 days,
  • Issuance of capital construction permits and approvals — within 40 days,
  • Provision of government services by the managing company in TPD (Multi-Purpose Centre).

To see the register of TPD residents, file an application to become the resident and get additional details, please visit the site of the Far East Development Corporation: