Expanding the Production of Construction Materials

Interest rate
5 years
Payback period

Trinity Co. was founded in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk back in 2010. The company produces construction materials comprising insulation panels and profiled sheeting. The company rapidly develops with production GAGR of 10%. The credit resources provided within the framework of the Affordable Loan for SMEs program will be used for the development of the production capacities. The company plans to create a construction materials production and construction services cluster. Such an integrated approach will cut the construction costs.

Interest rate:
Payback period:
5 years

According to Alexey Borodenko, the CEO of Trinity,

“Six years ago we were engaged in cargoes forwarding and dreamed of the construction materials production in Sakhalin. We wanted to cut costs be getting rid of purchasing the materials on the mainland. We have accumulated funds, leased premises, taken a loan and purchased equipment. Later we bought out land and the shop premises. Now we leverage the production expansion. We were attracted by the interest rate and term provided by the Affordable Loan for SMEs program (12% and 5 years). Loans on such terms and conditions was impossible beforehand. I hope, the program will help to the business development.”