Project of construction of passenger-and-freight road-rail ferries for fleet renewal at Vanino-Kholmsk crossing

The project is aimed at expanding and maintaining uninterrupted freight turnover between Sakhalin island and the continent and enhancing comfort and safety of passenger transportation.

Total cost


Fund’s investments


Two new passenger-and-freight road-rail ferries for Vanino-Kholmsk crossing will be constructed at Amur Shipbuilding Plant with the participation of the Fund. 

The total project cost will make up RUB 10 bln. 

RUB 4.5 bln will be provided by VEB.DV to State Transport Leasing Company (STLC) PJSC. 

The necessity for the fleet renewal is caused by the technical condition of the existing vessels being run-down (their average age is 29 years), high accident risk and the operating costs (the average rate of the ferry downtime due to repair works is 25%). Vanino-Kholmsk ferry crossing ensures over 75% of all freight transportations between the island and the continent and about 25% of passenger transportation. According to the expert estimates, the freight turnover may grow by 25% in the next three years. 

Participation of VEB.DV in the project reduces the cost of the raised financing, which will allow for enhancing the availability of freight transportation on Vanino-Kholmsk route.