Construction of a pig-breeding complex in Primorsky Region

Implementation effects until 2026:
billion rubles
Tax accrual
New jobs

The project implemented in partnership with one of the largest pork producers in Russia – Rusagro Group – anticipates the creation of a pig-breeding complex in the Far East with the capacity of up to 112 thou tonnes in live weight a year.

Total cost


Fund’s investments


The complex is built in the special economic zone Mikhailovsky, Primorsky Region. The funds allocated by the Fund will be used to finance the construction of industrial facilities and premises, equipment procurement, crop farming (grain and fodder soya) development. The new enterprise is aimed at ensuring the integrated development of agribusiness, import substitution and food security.

A powerful agricultural cluster is being formed in SEZ Mikhailovsky. To be deployed here are large agribusinesses along with high-level processing and logistics centers. The project is delivered in one of the most favorable districts for agriculture in Primorsky Region. Transport, energy and utilities infrastructure is created with support of the government.