Development of Kovdor mining and processing plant

The project of the development of Kovdor mining and processing plant is implementing in the Murmansk Region, in the Arctic zone of Russia.

The project involves the expansion of the city-forming enterprise of Kovdor: deepening the quarry to a level of -485 m and the construction of additional infrastructure facilities. The processing plant's capacity will be increased to 20 million tons per year.

The implementation of the project will increase the term of the quarry by another 17 years, preserve existing workspaces in the mono-city and provide new jobs. More than 50% of city population is working at the enterprise of Kovdor.

The unique resource base of the Kovdorskoye field allows to produce three high-quality products at once: iron-ore concentrate, apatite concentrate, baddeleyite concentrate (Kovdor mining and processing plant is the only place in the world where it is produced).

The initiator of the project is MCC EuroChem JSC, the largest vertically integrated holding company that produces mineral fertilizers, high-quality apatite, iron ore, and balleite concentrates.