An integrated project of developing an air transportation network in the Far East

The effect of delivery before 2025:
billion rubles
GRP increase
billion rubles
Tax accrual

The project is directed at expanding the GPA in the Far East.19-seat planes that can be exploited on shorter runway airfields as well as on unprepared dirt airfields are used for transporting passengers to hard-to-reach areas.

Total cost


Fund’s investments


As part of the first stage, with investments amounting to 1.2 billion rubles, the Fund provided a loan to the tune of 250 million rubles for buying a 19-seat turboprop liner. The air fleet is operated by Fly Aurora.

The development of smaller aircraft will improve transport accessibility of remote settlements and towns, serving as a driver of economic activity and employment opportunities. As per preliminary forecasts, the first stage alone will increase the passenger traffic by 19,800 people.

Enhanced transport accessibility of the region is not only socially important for local residents; it stimulates the economic activity of the population, thus increasing the opportunities for small business and tourism development in the Far East, along with creating new jobs.