Construction of the 2d phase of high-level soya processing plant in ASEZ "Belogorsk”

The effect of delivery before 2026:
billion rubles
GRP increase
billion rubles
Tax accrual
New jobs

The Amur Region is one of the drivers of the Far-Eastern agriculture. The index of agricultural production in the region is on the rise, with record soya crop yields harvested in this territory (about 50% of the all-Russian soya yield). Amur agribusinesses ramp up the export of this crop – above all to neighboring China.

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The project of building a high-level soya processing plant is initiated by Amuragrocenter – the company which is the anchor resident of SEZ “Belogorsk”.

The first phase of the plant was commissioned in Q1 2017, with more than 11,000 tons of products already put out (oil, oilcake). By the year end the plant plans to process 240,000 tonnes of soya, which means about 180,000 tonnes of oilcake and 40,000 tonnes of oil.

The second phase of the project delivered with support of VEB.DV is aimed at launching a higher level of soya processing capacity, to produce isolated proteins and other import-substituting products which are not produced in Russia today.

The plant will become the first in Russia producer of soya protein isolate. The delivery of this project contributes to import substitution (at the present time 100% of soya isolate as well as a significant part of oilcake is imported) and has a synergistic effect with animal husbandry projects, facilitating the provision of quality mixed feed for the Far East Federal District.