New Model of Aquaculture Development

The Far East Development Fund has developed a system for remote forming of fish-farming plots at the seas of the Russian Far East and their allocation by means of electronic auctions. The new online service has been created based on the order of the Russian Federation President and Government jointly with the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Federal Agency for Fishery and RTS-Tender.

Upon the analysis results for the restrictions previously set for fishery in the sea areas, an interactive map of sites available for this type of business has been compiled. This online service may be used to independently (!) determine the borders of a future fish-farming plot, guided by one’s own vision of its feasibility, and then, to purchase it via the e-auction system (with the Federal Agency for Fishery in charge).

This new system drastically alters the approaches to the relationship between an investor and a state body in this area, making it transparent and investor-oriented to the fullest extent possible. Now, an investor will not waste time collecting permits with various state bodies. Modern technologies applied will make it possible to cut the time for collection of documents and preparation for auctions from 180 to 80 days, as well as to make investment decisions with no need to leave one’s office.


The present version of an interactive Internet service (hereinafter: Service) for delimitation of fish-farming plots (hereinafter: FFP) in the seas of the Far East Commercial Fishing Basin (hereinafter: FECFB) and holding e-auctions for the right to sign FFP use contracts is a demo version of the fully functional Service developed by the joint-stock company Far East and Baikal Region Development Foundation (hereinafter: Foundation) in partnership with the limited liability company RTS-tender and the joint stock company Roscartography (hereinafter: RTS-tender and Roscartography, respectively, together named as Partners), containing general information about the functional capabilities of the Service for automation of the FFP formation process and the conduct of e-auctions for the right to sign FFP use contracts in FECFB seas.

The service has been developed in accordance with:

- the instructions of the Russian President and Government;

- the Concept of Aquaculture Development in Russia’s Far East, prepared by the Foundation and Rosrybolovstvo and approved by the Subcommittee on the Development of Far East Fisheries under the Government Commission on Socioeconomic Development of the Far East and Baikal Region;

- Russian Government resolutions #185 “On amending the rules of organization and conduct of tenders and auctions for the right to sign an FFP use contract”, dated 22.02.2018, and #429 “On amending the Rules of coastline boundary delimitation (boundaries of water bodies) and (or) boundaries of parts of water bodies, offshore sectors in the Russian Federation and sectors of the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation recognized as fish-farming plots” developed with the direct assistance of the Foundation;

- Decree #2488-p of the Russian Government, dated 04.12.2015, “On approving the list of legal entities for organization of e-sales of state and municipal property”;

- Federal law #143-FZ, dated 01.07.2017, “On aquaculture (fish farming) and amending certain regulatory acts of the Russian Federation”;

- Federal law #22-FZ, dated 14.02.2009, “On navigation”;

- Federal law #63-FZ, dated 06.04.2011 “On Digital Signature”;

- Federal law #152-FZ, dated 27.07.2006 “On personal data”.


The service is based on the principles of authentication and electronic paper flow as well as the use of enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature.

The given service is the result of intellectual activity, representing a composite work located in an information-telecommunications network under a certain IP address comprised of computer software supporting its functionality, graphic solution (design), content (textual information) placed therein as well as other intellectual activity results. The rights to the Service, including the software and geodatabases belong to the Foundation and its Partners. Pursuant to the Civil Code of Russia (Art. 1252 of the Civil Code of the RF, part 4), any user of the Service, regardless of the specific use (using the text, graphical elements, interactive maps, database and geodatabase structures, a basic set of spatial data as well as any fragments and parts), must indicate the Service franchisers:

•          © JSC Far East and Baikal Region Development Foundation

•          © RTS-tender, LLC

It is forbidden to use electronic copies (“screenshots”) of the display and other elements (text, graphics) of the Service with graphical processing (modernization) in any other software which directly or indirectly implies the deletion of references (links) to titleholders and mentions of the Service. Any use of the Service elements without any reference to its titleholders is illegal and the titleholders may use their right to file a respective suit at the Moscow Commercial Court.

The present interactive demo version has limited functionality (a limited set of scaling opportunities or mapping cartographic data; all operations are available only in the virtual mode); it is meant for graphic demonstration of the process of the FFP boundaries delimitation process, of the auction organization and participation procedures in a setting maximally approximated to reality, and allows full acquaintance with functional capabilities of the Service software without using the digital signature. The Foundation bears no responsibility for the fullness and verification of information contained, relying on this information being complete and credible in all its essential aspects.

The present interactive demo version is not meant for any legally relevant activity of shaping the FFP boundaries or participation in the sales, and must not be viewed as a ground for arising any rights in relation to any FFP or any other matter. The present interactive demo version also should not be regarded as a source of any information, and such information cannot be relied upon as information provided by an executive authority.

No investment decision should be made on the basis of the information contained in the present interactive demo version. Before taking any action on the basis of any information, make sure that such information can be appropriately applied to your investment or operational objectives, your financial situation and financial needs; you should also seek independent advice.

No representations or warranties are provided or implied by the Foundation; the Foundation bears no responsibility for the accuracy, fullness, credibility and impartiality of the information contained in the present demo version. Any information found in the present interactive demo version is based on the data possessed by the Foundation and its Partners as of the time of the present demo version preparation, which implies the possible presence of both well-known and unknown data, and other important factors. In case any data possessed by the Foundation and its Partners at the time of the present demo version preparation prove wrong or inaccurate, the actual results may differ significantly from those described in the present interactive demo version as presumed. You should not excessively rely on such information.

The present interactive demo version is not an offer or proposal to create an FFP, buy or sell any FFP, and does not represent any commitment of the Foundation (or any of its affiliates and/or partners) to conclude any deal. The Foundation bears no responsibility for updating or otherwise amending and changing the present interactive demo version. The present interactive demo version cannot reflect all information available in the fully functional regime.