Online Facility for Investors in Forest Industry

As instructed by the Government of the Russian Federation, VEB.DV is developing an online facility (лесвосток.рф) as part of the experiment in the forest industry of the Russian Far East.

The purpose of the experiment is to create an environment conducive to the development of the forestry management sector and wood processing industry, digitalization, creation of open public data and procedures for allocating forest plots for use, implementation of exchange auction mechanisms, and creation of an infrastructure required to establish a public market of wood transactions.

Лесвосток.рф is an investor service portal intended to facilitate the selection of a forest plot through e-auction that transfers the government — business communication online. The automated information system will make it possible to manage and control the chains of wood transactions and transact via the electronic exchange. The service portal will be integrated with the existing public information systems (intended to account the forest reserves and forest condition and to manage cadastral accounting of real property, tax accounting, and customs and tariff regulation); 

The cornerstone of the online facility is the open interactive map containing data on available forest reserves that can be used by any investor to choose the forested area of interest and submit a plot allocation request to the competent body via electronic document flow. The online facility will be integrated with the open electronic trading platform intended to allocate the rights to use forest plots via an auction and with the electronic exchange. 

Introduction of automated electronic document flow and automation of data exchange will simplify and accelerate the administrative procedures for business significantly. In particular, introduction of лесвосток.рф service portal will make it possible to accelerate the allocation of forest plots from 235 days to 80 days. 

The use of modern earth remote sensing and continuous forest surveying methods will make it possible to reduce public forest taxation costs and bring forest surveying materials up to date. Modification of the established management mechanisms will make it possible to accelerate the forest plot allocation process by 3 times. Human factor will be eliminated from the wood status control system at the harvesting, shipping, processing, and marketing phases. Use of modern technology and digitalization will ensure the transparency of the timber market.