Online Facility for Investors in Aquaculture

As instructed by the President and the Government, VEB.DV has developed an online facility to create fish-farming plots in the seas of the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin and administer e-auctions.

The key element of the new mechanism is the electronic map that makes it possible for investors to choose a fish-farming plot and set its boundaries on their own and submit a purchase application via the e-auction system.

This new system represents a sharp departure from the traditional investor — state body relationship in this area by making it as transparent and investor-oriented as possible. From now on, the investor will not have to waste time collecting permits from various state bodies. Use of modern technology will make it possible to reduce the time required to collect the documents and prepare for the auctions from 180 to 80 days, as well as to take investment decisions without leaving office.

E-auctions for the right to use fish-farming plots were launched in July 2018. Over this time, businesses have obtained twice as many water areas as over the previous 20 years.

VEB.DV will proceed with its effort to optimize the online facility algorithms.

Please use the following contact information for any issues you may have:

EP RTS-Tender customer support:
+7 (499) 653-77-00 (issues concerning operating procedures at the electronic platform).

Certification Authority customer support:
+7 (499) 653-57 00 (issues concerning installation and proper performance of a digital signature).

Purchase of an enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature to take part in the auctions:
+7 (499) 638-24-00 (obtaining a digital signature).

RTS-Tender Representative Office in the Far Eastern Federal District (any issues concerning the operating procedures at the electronic platform):
Tel.: +7 (4212) 478-549
Fax: +7 (4212) 478-550
Address: Off. 303, 57, Lenina Street, 680030 Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Territory

Information materials concerning investor’s participation in e-auctions
1. Getting started
2. Filing the application
3. Signing the contract
4. Using the account (description of the sections)
5. Managing funds
6. Taking part in the auction


This version of the interactive online facility (hereinafter referred to as the “Facility”) to set the boundaries of fish-farming plots (hereinafter referred to as “FFP”) in the seas of the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin (hereinafter referred to as “FEFB”) and administer e-auctions for the right to enter into FFP use contracts is a demo version of the full-featured Facility developed by the Far East and Arctic Region Development Fund Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”) in partnership with RTS-Tender Limited Liability Company and Roscartography Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter individually referred to as “RTS-Tender” and “Roscartography” accordingly, and jointly — as the “Partners”) and contains general information on the functional features of the Facility intended to automate the process of creating FFP and administering e-auctions for the right to enter into FFP use contracts for FEFB seas. 

The Facility has been developed pursuant to:
- Instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and Government of the Russian Federation;
- Aquaculture development concept for the Far East drafted by the Fund and Federal Agency for Fishery, approved by the Sub-Commission for fisheries industry development in the Russian Far East of the Government Commission for Social and Economic Development of the Russian Far East and Arсtiс Region;
- Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 185 dated February 22, 2018 On Amending the Rules of Organizing and Holding the Biddings (Tenders, Auctions) for the Right to Enter into a Fish-Farming Plot Use Contract, No. 429 dated April 09, 2018 On Amending the Rules of Determining the Coast Lines (Water Body Boundaries) and/or Boundaries of the Parts of Water Bodies, Offshore Areas of the Russian Federation, and Areas of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Russian Federation developed with direct contribution from the Fund;
- Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2488 dated December 04, 2015 On Approving the List of Legal Entities to Manage Online Sales of Federal and Municipal Property;
- Federal Law No. 143-FZ dated July 01, 2017 On Aquaculture (Fish Farming) and Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation;
- Federal Law No. 22-FZ dated February 14, 2009 On Navigation Activities;
- Federal Law No. 63-FZ dated April 06, 2011 On Digital Signature;
- Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 On Personal Data. 

The Facility is based on the principles of authentication and electronic document flow subject to the use of an enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature.
The Facility is an intellectual product constituting a composite work posted in the information and telecommunications network under a certain web address, composed of a computer software ensuring its operation, a graphic solution (design), content (textual information) placed therein, and other intellectual products. The rights to the Facility, including the rights to the software and geodatabase, are reserved by the Fund and its Partners. Pursuant to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Article 1252 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Part 4), when using the Facility (in particular, the text, graphic elements, cartograms, database and geodatabase components, basic set of spatial data, as well as any fragments and parts thereof), any user must refer to the Facility copyright holders: 

•        © Far East and Arctic Region Development Fund JSC
•        © RTS-Tender LLC.

It is prohibited to use the electronic copies of the screen (screenshots) and any other elements (whether textual or graphic) of the Facility involving graphical processing (upgrading) in any other software that requires removal of the references to the copyright holders or the Facility itself, whether directly or indirectly. Any use of the Facility elements without a reference to the copyright holders is illegal and the copyright holders reserve the right to take legal action in the Moscow Arbitration Court. 

This interactive demo version has a limited set of functions (limited options to scale up and display cartographic data, a full list of features is not available other than in the virtual mode), is intended to illustrate the process of determining FFP boundaries, the bidding organizer’s procedures, and the bidding process in a real-life setting, and makes it possible to get acquainted with the functional features of the Facility software package without using a digital signature. The Fund bears no liability for the completeness and validity of the information and proceeds from the assumption that this information is complete and valid in all material respects. 

This interactive demo version is not intended for any legally binding steps to create FFP boundaries or take part in the bidding process and should not be deemed to give rise to any rights to any FFP or in respect of any other matter. Furthermore, this interactive demo version should not be treated as a source of any information and such information should not be viewed as information provided by an executive body, and therefore, relied upon.
No investment decision should be made by relying on the information in this interactive demo version. Prior to taking any steps by reference to any information, make sure that such information is relevant to your investment or operational tasks, financial situation, and financial needs and obtain independent advice.

No warranties or representations are provided and implied by the Fund and the Fund bears no liability for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, and fairness of the information in this demo version. All information in this interactive demo version is based on the data that were at the Fund and Partners’ disposal at the time of preparing this demo version, which implies the existence of both known and unknown data and other important factors. Should any data that were at the Fund and Partners’ disposal at the time of preparing this demo version prove false, the actual outcomes may differ materially from those depicted in this interactive demo version as expected outcomes. Beware of being over-reliant on such information.
This interactive demo version is neither an offer or invitation to create an FFP, purchase or sell any FFP and does not qualify as the Fund’s (or its affiliates’ and/or Partner’s) commitment to facilitate any deal. The Fund does not commit to update or otherwise alter this interactive demo version. This interactive demo version may fail to display complete information available in the full-featured mode. 

Reference documents:
Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 429
Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 185