Putin approves new design of the forrester tablet

The President has examined the exhibition of special economic zones in the Russian Far East on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum and took part in the launch of several facilities in the teleconferencing mode.

Among the latter is the new terminal of Khabarovsk Airport, an MPP on the Vertikalnoye field in Yakutia, and the fish processing plant on Shikotan.

Vladimir Putin used teleconferencing to examine the gas-processing and gas-engineering cluster under construction in the Amur Region, scheduled to be put into service in 2024 and presumably cracking the TOP-5 largest polyethylene producers.

Alexander Kozlov, Minister for Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic, told the President about the project of mortgage loans at the rate 2 percent for recipients of the Far Eastern hectare.

In addition, the President evaluated online services for the forest industry: the plan is to create a forester tablet that will show updated information on the trees, fire-hazardous areas, etc. The President approved the idea.