Far East Development Fund is planning to sign agreements worth RUB 46 bln at EEF

The Far East Development Fund hopes to sign 15 agreements worth about RUB 46 bln on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), said Director General FEDF Alexei Chekunkov in an interview for Russia-24 TV channel.

“At the Fifth EEF we are signing 15 agreements worth ca. RUB 46 bln for projects totalling to RUB 450 bln”, said Mr. Chekunkov. According to the CEO, the largest agreements regard the financing of the Nakhodka mineral fertilizer plant and development of the Malmyzh copper deposit.

“It is extremely important to us to see the harvest, not just new seeds, so to say. Today, we are very proud of and pleased with the commissioning of the Khabarovsk Airport that will hopefully be held in the presence of Russian President”, the CEO added noting that the project was launched in 2013.

“During this forum, we will enter into three new airport transactions: two airports in the Russian Far East — we have just signed an agreement for the Yakutsk Airport and are about to sign another one for the construction of a new airport in Blagoveshchensk, as well as an airport in the Arctic — Novy Urengoy”, said Chekunkov.