Alexei Chekunkov: Most market participants took part in electronic auctions

Among the approximately 70 maricultural companies in the Far East, about 50 organizations have already registered in the online trading system for zones, said Aleksey Chekunkov, General Director at the FEDF.

Last year, the rules for doing business radically changed for the aquaculture in the Far East. Now investors can form zones themselves by means off drawing four points on the interactive map of available water areas. Fishery zones formed in this way are then subject to electronic tenders.

The main advantages of the new system are convenience, simplicity and transparency, said Aleksey Chekunkov, General Director at the Far East Development Fund (FEDF), in an interview with Fishnews Magazine.

“We received from entrepreneurs many positive evaluations of innovations that provided business with equal access to water and transparency of procedures. Most market participants took part in electronic tenders. About 50 companies are registered in the system, while in the Far East approximately 70 enterprises are engaged in aquaculture in their “marine gardens”,” the Head of the Fund quoted the figures.

Since mid-July 2018, when electronic auctions commenced, 53 fishery zones were put up for tendering. According to the results of electronic auctions, 39 fishery zones were sold with a total area of about 9 thousand hectares. Unsold offshore zones will be put up for auction again - along with the zones, for which applications will be received through the online service.

According to the results of 2017–2018, the area of new fishery zones provided for use amounted to about 55 thousand hectares, while the total area of fish plots in the Far Eastern Basin reached 76 thousand hectares. According to preliminary estimates, investments in maricultural projects in the Far East within the next 5 years may exceed 80 billion rubles. The Fund, together with banks, evaluating and insurance companies, is developing a special financial product aimed at provision of financial resources for new projects.