CEO of FEDF Alexei Chekunkov took part in panel session of SPIEF 2018 'New platforms for cooperation between China and Russia: prospects for development'. Most experts say that in the near future IT, telecommunications, media, and agro-industrial sectors will become new areas of growth in Russian–Chinese relations. Alexei Chekunkov explaines the role of Far East Development Fund in building effective and productive cooperation of two countries.
Russia’s state-owned Far East Development Fund is in talks to create a $1 billion joint venture to invest in the country’s mining industry with China National Gold Group, a government controlled producer of the precious metal.
As became known to “Kommersant”, Russia’s first project on “digital diamond” sale based on the blockchain technology may be launched soon. The key asset of “brillcoins” to be circulated by Diamundi Pte Ltd (Singapore) via ICO through “Voskhod” investment system will be ALROSA’s diamonds. It is available material security that made it possible to float an ICO worth $1 billion planned for January 2018.

As Aleksey Chekunkov, head of the Far East Development Fund (FEDF), informed RIA Novosti, there are plans to start trading a crypto currency secured by diamonds through “Voskhod” system in January 2018.

The state budget support promotes development of maricultures. In 2017, according to the state program on the development of the fishery complex, seaside aquaculture enterprises are planned to be subsidized up to 20 million rubles. These funds are aimed to be used for resettlement of young species, leasing and acquisition of equipment.
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