Primorsky region

bln rubles
thousand rubles
bln rubles
bln rubles
Industrial output
bln rubles
Retail turnover
6 425 km from Vladivostok to Moscow
0 km to 8 seaports with border crossing points (Vladivostok, Vostochnyi, Nakhodka, Zarubino, Slavyanka, Olga, Posyet, Plastun)
439 km from Vladivostok to Jilin (China) with a population of 4.5 mln people

Main indicators

165 000
Square footage
1 993
thousand people
Population of region
thousand people
Capital of region

Key sectors

transport and communications services
wholesale and retail trade
real estate operations

* доля в структуре ВВП

About the region

The Primorye Territory is located at the south of the Far East. In the north it borders with the Khabarovsk region, in the west - with PRC, in the south-west - with DPRK, from the south and east it is washed with the Sea of Japan.

Basic branches of the regional economy are - construction, transportation, trade, processing production. Large-scale enterprises of the fishing industry, non-ferrous industry, wood processing industry, machine building, and metal processing industry are located in the region, besides there are 3 of 5 largest far eastern sea ports (Vostochny, Nakhodka and Vladivostok).

Primorye is included into the list of top five far eastern regions, which are considered to be the leaders according to the rate of industrial production index growth (5% in 2014), as well as development of the processing industry. Besides, the Primorye territory is the regional “champion” according to the turnover of retailing (279 bln. rubles in 2014).

The administrative centre of the Primorye Territory is Vladivostok. It is a city with a population of 600 thousand persons, realizing the Russian dream about participation in global development. The first step to the realization of this dream was made at the shores of the Pacific Ocean in 1860, when the military port, called Vladivostok, was founded in the bay of Zolotoy Rog. Development of the small settlement was rapid. After the receipt of porto franco status in 1862, Vladivostok almost in several years turned into the kingdom of free trade, which was overflown with Russian and foreign businessmen from the USA, China, Germany. Global trading and economic status of the city is also confirmed by the fact that underwater telephone cable, which connected Vladivostok with Shanghai and Nagasaki, was laid at the seafloor. Large trading nets, which dealt with different products - from American agricultural and printing machines to water from melt ice - appeared in Primorye. In the beginning of the XX century, upon an initiative of Moscow manufacturers, at first the mode of porto franco was cancelled, and then, in Soviet time, “the window to Asia” (which Vladivostok was considered) was finally closed. Until the beginning of 90th of the XX century, the city developed mostly as a military outpost of the Soviet Russia in the Far East.

Nevertheless, despite this long-term period of militarist closeness, Vladivostok didn’t lose its wonderful energy - nowadays the city is striving to join international development. Even though it doesn’t pretend for the role of global centre of the Pacific Ocean yet, it dreams again about the achieving of this goal. Several years ago it was a building binge in Primorye, which was connected with preparation to large-scale international event - APEC summit at the Russky Island. Construction at the Russky Island of the campus of Far Eastern Federal State University - first Russian IHL, founded according to the principle of united campus, where more than 36 thousand persons work and study (1.5 thousand of which are foreign students), has become a milestone symbol of renovation. Campus is connected with the centre of the city by the cable bridge, reminding of the Vladivostok sister city - American San-Francisco. The bridge to Russky Island is one of new points of interest of the Primorye capital, besides, it is one of the longest cable bridges in the world (nearest rivals are - Sutong Bridge in China and Stonecutters Bridge in Hong-Kong). APEC summit and infrastructure, made for its holding, provided the city with new energy and revival of its spirit.

Nowadays new stage of Vladivostok development is beginning. In particular, the idea of provision of the city with the status of porto franco is re-emerged, this will allow the capital of Primorye to use its geographic proximity to international economies and make a step forward to new Pacific Ocean future.