Jewish aut. Region

bln rubles
thousand rubles
bln rubles
bln rubles
Industrial output
bln rubles
Retail turnover
8 096 km from Birobidzhan to Moscow
637 km to the nearest seaport (Vladivostok)
120 km from Birobidzhan to Tongjiang (China)

Main indicators

8 096
Square footage
thousand people
Population of region
thousand people
Capital of region

Key sectors

transport and communications services
wholesale and retail trade
extraction of commercial minerals

* share in structure of GDP

About the region

The Jewish Autonomous Region is located in the south of the Far East. Administrative centre of the region is Birobidzhan, located at the bank of Bira River, in 75 km from the border with China. From the south-west, south and south-east the territory of the region is washed by the waters of Amur throughout 584 km.

According to the saturation of the fields and mineral occurrence, as well as concentration of mineral resources, the region is one of the richest territories in Russia. Fields of more than 20 types of minerals, including large-scale fields of iron, manganese, stannum, gold, graphite, brucite, magnesite, zeolite are found and proven in the JAR, besides there are mineral water springs.

Natural and climatic conditions of the region are favorable for agricultural production. Agricultural area of the JAR exceeds 391 thousand ha (including about 136.1 thousand ha of plough-land). In the estimation of the specialists, in case of provision of reclamation works, the area of plough-land may by increased by 3-4 times. Different kinds of crops are grown in the JAR, including cereals and grain legumes (including soy), vegetables, potatoes, gourds. Beef and dairy farming, poultry breeding - are considered to be significant branches of agricultural production. From 1.7 mln. ha of the forest lands, 160 thousand ha are occupied by the cedar forests, 249 thousand ha - by the spruce and fir forests, 163 thousand ha - by the larch forests. Wood reserves of the Jewish Autonomous Region are 202 mln. sq. m.