Chukotka aut. Region

bln rubles
thousand rubles
bln rubles
bln rubles
Industrial output
bln rubles
Retail turnover
6 191 km from Anadyr to Moscow
0 km to the nearest seaport (Anadyr)
1 060 km from Anadyr to Alaska (USA)

Main indicators

722 000
Square footage
thousand people
Population of region
thousand people
Capital of region

Key sectors

extraction of commercial minerals
production and distribution of energy, gas and water
state management and providing of military security

* share in structure of GDP

About the region

The Chukotka Autonomous Region is located at the extreme north-east of Russia. It occupies the territory of Chukotka peninsula, a part of mainland and a range of islands (Vrangel, Aion, Ratmanov etc). It is washed with the East Siberian Sea and Chuckchee Sea of the Arctic Ocean and the Bering Sea of the Pacific Ocean. Administrative centre of the region is Anadyr. Chukotka - is the territory of climatic records, at that, it is rich with mineral resources: oil, natural gas, coal, gold, stannum, tungsten, mercury, copper, uranium. Key branch of Chukotka industry is mining industry.

In 2014 Chukotka took the first place both in Russia and in the Far Eastern Federal District according to the growth of industrial production index. The share of own income - both tax and non-tax - increased from 36% in 2008 to 48.2% in 2014. To a large extent it is occurred thanks to the tax on natural resources production and income tax, due to the growth of mining industry. In particular, while the average yearly level of gold mining in the region is 24.4 ton, 32 ton of the precious metal was extracted in 2014.

Agricultural sector is being developed in the region. Main branch of agricultural industry is deer farming. Chukotka herd of deer (145.8 thousand animals) - is one of the largest in the world. Hunting and sea hunting industry, as well as fishing is popular in the region (walrus, lout, bearded seal, eared seal, as well as salmons are caught). 5 federal sea ports of the Northern Sea Route are located at the shore of Chukotka, they are: Anadyr, Pevek, Provideniya, Beringovsky, Egvekinot.