Amur region

bln rubles
thousand rubles
bln rubles
bln rubles
Industrial output
bln rubles
Retail turnover
7 756 km from Blagoveschensk to Moscow
1 455 km to the nearest seaport (Vladivostok)
750 m from Blagoveschensk to Heihe (China) with a population of 1.75 mln people

Main indicators

362 000
Square footage
thousand people
Population of region
thousand people
Capital of region

Key sectors

transport and communications services
wholesale and retail trade
extraction of commercial minerals

* share in structure of GDP

About the region

The Amur Region is located in the basin of the upper and middle Amur. Administrative centre of the region is Blagoveshchensk, which was founded in 1856. In 15 km from Blagoveshchensk there is an Ignatievo international airport, providing regular flight connection of the Amur Region with other Russian regions and some countries of Asian-Pacific Region.

Main branches of the regional economy are connected with extraction and processing of commercial minerals, as well as transportation services (trans-Siberian line, as well as Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline go through the territory of the region).

In recent years the Amur region is becoming one of agricultural powerhouses of the Far East. In 2014 index of agricultural production of the region increased by 70% (at that, average growth in the RF was 3.7%). Record harvest of soy (1 mln. ton) was gathered at the territory of the region (that is about 50% of National harvest of this crop). Amur agricultural enterprises are increasing the volumes of export of agricultural products - first of all, to neighboring China.

Largest hydroelectric power stations of the Far East are located at the territory of the Amur region, they are: Bureyevskaya HEP (with rated capacity of 2010 MW is included into top ten of largest hydroelectric power stations in Russia) and Zeyskaya HEP (with capacity of 1330 MW, average annual output of 4910 mln. kW/h).

Large-scale project, connected with the construction of Vostochny Cosmodrome, for which the territory of 1035 sq. km is reserved, is being realized in the region. The first launch of carrier rocket from Vostochny Cosmodrome is planned for the end of 2015 and the first launch of manned spacecraft - for 2018