Loans at 5 % APR to initiators of investment project aimed to develop the region
of small- and medium-sized enterprises
In partnership with major Russian banks, the Fund implements programmes to support SMEs in the Russian Far East
for investors
Creating new mariculture development model in the Russian Far East based on an online service for investors.
and funds
Bringing foreign investment into promising sectors of the Far Eastern economy
For initiators of investment projects
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Новая электронная торговая площадка для распределения рыбоводных участков и развития аквакультуры
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Eastern Economic Forum 2017
New electronic trading platform to distribute fish farms and promote mariculture
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Affordable loans for SMEs up to
will be addressed by FEDF
to the support of SMEs
How to get a loan?

It is necessary to enable companies to attract affordable financial resources.

The Far East Development Fund is currently working on it. It provides loans at 5% APR in rubles. The demand is high, and the entrepreneurs are literally waiting in line to get them.

Vladimir Putin
The President of Russia

Thanks to new development tools, such as territories of priority development, Free port of Vladivostok, targeted state support for investment projects, and concessional financing of the Far East Development Fund - most part of the investments attracted to the Russian Far East are private investments.

Dmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister of the Russian Government

At the Far East of Russia there are already various modern enterprises with serious breakthrough in high-tech industries.

Our goal is to help them expand their activities using the state development institutions as levers, and to attract additional capital to promising projects.

Yuri Trutnev
The Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District
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Bridge to China
First railway transborder bridge between Russia and China across the Amur river. The length of the bridge is 2.2 km, carrying capacity – 20 mln tons per year.
The effect of delivery before 2026:
billion rubles
GRP increase
billion rubles
Tax accrual
New jobs
Implemented projects
Investment projects
billion rubles
private investments
billion rubles
Fund’s investments